How do you decide on the Best Roof Cleaning Method?

Considering that there are different roof gutter cleaning companies that use different tools and cleaning methods, you need to know how to decide on the best method for your roof. Although you can seek guidance from the roof cleaner, it helps to know how to make a decision. There are actually several things that you need to know about roof cleaning.

Algae Does Not Have to Be Visible to Clean Your Roof

Some homeowners will only have their roof cleaned if algae is visible. Algae may not be clearly visible from the ground especially in its early days. It’s just like when you are taking a shower, you do not take one because the sweat or dirt on your body is visible, but it is because you need it. Ensure that the roof is cleaned at least after every 6 months to prevent algae build-up that may lead to more serious problems.

One thing about algae is that it feeds on your shingles slowly by slowly and by the time that it is visible, it has done significant damage to the lifespan of your roof. Within no time if it is not cleaned off, you will start having high power bills, you will experience high roof repair costs or even in worst case scenarios, you will have the entire roof replaced as the algae continues to grow.

Consider the Material of Your Roof

Pressure and soft washing are the two methods that are commonly used to clean roofs. To decide what method suits your roof most, you need to consider the material of the roof. If you are worried about damaging your shingles or seeing the lose ones fall off, you should avoid the pressure washing method. It perfectly removes dirt, mold, all manner of debris, grime, moss and algae but it is only best for concrete and metal roofs.

Soft washing is good for cleaning roofing shingles although it also has its disadvantages. Actually, the roof cleaner must be very careful while using this method and they should find the right balance when mixing the chemicals. This will prevent any possible damage on the roof and the chemicals from spreading to other parts of your home which could be harmful.

Roof Cleaning is Worth the Price

As long as the roof will be cleaned thoroughly by professionals without damage, it is worth the price. This is because, when you compare what can result to the damage caused by algae and other debris on your roof, you can attest that roof cleaning is not overpriced. This task will only cost you about 400 dollars while replacement due to damage will cost you thousands of dollars. Thus instead of waiting to replace a roof, invest in professional cleaning.

As a homeowner who wants to prevent rapid deterioration of their roof, they should get it cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis. One reason that roof cleaning should be as thorough as possible is to prevent any awaiting disaster. It is also essential that you avoid spot cleaning and instead have the entire roof cleaned.